The shipping policy described here in this section lets customers know the important details about how we ship the products they purchased from our website and other related processes. Customers can expect their orders delivered o time. We request you to read this shipping policy correctly prior to purchase. Customers should be aware that the orders are regulated to dispatch within 24 hours of purchase confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE THAT COOKCABINET STAYS CLOSED ON WEEKENDS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. Orders accepted on weekends and holidays will be placed on the following working day only.

Cookcabinet present two types of shipping, Regular shipping and Ems shipping. Regular shipping is determined to deliver the parcel within 7 days of order, while Ems shipping requires only 2-3 days. Please note that our website marks every order under regular shipping by default, so the customer has to choose Ems shipping if they have to get the package faster.

The amount of two shipping methods will be different and that will be displayed at the check-out page, Ems shipping may cost more than the regular shipping method as it is specifically planned to deliver fast. The price displayed at the checkout covers the shipping charges from our country/state to your country/state. In case there is an additional charge that local authorities in your country or state charge from you, you are deemed to learn and pay that amount. If you do not pay this outstanding amount within the due date specified by the authority you may not get your package. Cookcabinet will not be responsible if your package is seized due to the non-payment of that additional charge.

We always suggest verifying the address, again and again, to ensure that it is correct before submitting. It is very critical to give the correct address for delivery. A wrongly delivered product may be hard to have a return/refund or cancellation. Packages returned due to the vacancy of a recipient will be held at the postal/parcel office for a brief duration. Still we recommend accepting products at your address either by you or any trustful person in your absence. the package held at the postal/ delivery office should be picked ASAP or else it will be sent back to the base.

Whatever the case may be if you have not collected the package and if it is not present in the courier/post office, inform us immediately. Our customer support considers the trail of the package.

Cookcabinet may delay or suspend delivery duties if any unanticipated events like a natural disaster, man-made hindrance, pandemic, riots, curfew, etc. arise. In case we close an order we will refund the full amount.

We welcome your queries anytime through the prescribed mediums.